Mashing Buttons – Dance Central Spotlight

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a great dancer. However, when I started this blog, I made a promise to you, dear reader, that I would give you the important, hard-hitting video games news and reviews. As such, here we are with Dance Central Spotlight. This stripped-down version of Dance Central acts more like a karaoke machine than its full-fledged predecessors but doesn’t skimp on the breadth of song choice nor the quality of choreography. See for yourself in the video above!

Mashing Buttons – Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo III has had an interesting life. From the art style outcry of 2008 and Error 37 to a new game director and expansion pack, we’ve seen the game transform from something hardcore fans used as the butt of jokes into something that’s actually pretty damn fun. With Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition hitting both current-gen and last-gen consoles today, does this dungeon crawler have what it takes to bring old-school RPG action into the living room? Yes. 100% yes. See for yourself in the video above!

Mashing Buttons – Destiny [Beta]

When Bungie says they are working on something revolutionary, you listen. When they offer up an open beta a month before launch so you can kick the tires, you say “Why not?” I’ll admit that it took me a couple hours of playing to really get a feel for what Bungie is trying to do, but it looks like they might pull off something really special with Destiny. Thanks for watching!

Mashing Buttons – Shovel Knight

I first heard of Shovel Knight during its very successful Kickstarter, but decided not to contribute. “Oh jeez, another indie platformer that uses pixel art graphics and a chiptune soundtrack,” I thought. Nope — wrong! The developers at Yacht Club Games have approached this project with a level reverence for classic NES games and a smart mixture of classic tropes and modern design that turns “another indie platformer” into something really special. Thanks for watching!

Mashing Buttons “LIVE” – Dark Souls II [Part 3]

Alright, so this whole “stream my entire playthrough of Dark Souls II” thing totally bombed. This week, the gods of video capture looked down upon me and laughed as I tried to demonstrate how to properly defeat the Looking Glass Knight — in the end, it actually just turned into a quick rundown of what I saw of Bloodborne at E3 2014. This is the end of my Dark Souls II videos, but will I return to take on the first Dark Souls?! Only time will tell. As always, thanks for watching!

Mashing Buttons “LIVE” – Dark Souls II [Part 2]

Mashing Buttons LIVE – Dark Souls II [Part 1]

Mashing Buttons – Mario Kart 8

This week, I am joined by my loving and beautiful fiancée Carly as we dive into what is, to date, the strongest showcase for the Wii U: Mario Kart 8. Nintendo’s systems have long survived on the backs of their first-party titles, but is this colorfully polished competitive racer be enough to keep the Wii U from an early grave? If the above video and record-setting sales are any indication, it’s certainly a start.

This is probably the last thing you’ll see on the blog before the madness begins at E3. I’ll be on the ground in L.A. covering the event, so stay tuned for written and audio coverage from the show floor!

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Mashing Buttons “LIVE” – Dark Souls II [Part 2]

During my last live stream of Dark Souls II, I said that I would live stream the rest of my first play through. Roughly six weeks and four Great Souls later, I thought that I should apologize for breaking that promise by recording my attempts at the Looking Glass Knight. I knew that I had a penance to serve for failing to keep up my end of the bargain, but I did not expect it to be this bad. Go ahead and fast forward to 33:02 to watch me lose my sanity and will to live!

Mashing Buttons LIVE – Dark Souls II [Part 1]